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I AM SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yet, another comes in Christ’s place and so many accept him. This artwork is blasphemy! Barack Obama has never atoned for anyone’s sins, nor will he ever. He does continue to lead this world head long into the ulitimate of sins and lies, and that is to follow and accept everything that is anti-christ!


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The countdown has already begun. This summer will prove to be an eyeopener on the prophetic time clock. The whole world is groaing for it’s redemption and for Jesus Christ to come and establish His throne!!

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I understand the question being posed in this article, but with that being said, if you don’t know the answer to the question than you might have already fallen for most of Obama’s lies.  He is free to smile now with these guys, because many of them know who he is and what he is here to do.  The sad thing is, he will not just betray our country, but many of these very men who he smiles at. Never trust a Judas!

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Ezekial warns us of this time that is approaching. This summer is about to bring about some interesting changes to this world. Wars and rumors of wars are all around us.  Just what is needed to help launch Obama to his perfect “peace” plans.

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Decieved and Asleep




I had to post this article in regards to the “false christian” book The Shack.  I am thankful for the men and women or are pressing into the Lord and refusing to be decieved or remain asleep against the false teachings that have crept into the the Church and are leading many along that broad path to destruction.  There is so much I could write in regards to the dangers and false teachings in this book, but as I have said in the past, sometimes there are others that have already done a fantastic job of taking what you know and putting it all together.  This link above gives you numerous Christian resources to expose that dangers of this book. 

I pray for all those who continue to sit inside the Laodician Chruch. Please, it is time to wake up, repent, listen to Christ’s voice and follow after only Him!

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Presidant Obama, please, your love for Christianity and Jesus is overflowing. NOT! I cannot even begin to put words to this. Of course, I always knew who you really were. I always knew you were not a true Christian. Though I know your excuse will probably be, “I just did not want to offend anyone”, the truth is this expresses it perfectly.

Your true agenda is to make Jesus disappear all together. Of course we also know you want to take His place.

Judgement has fallen upon this nation. I pray for all those true saints who are about to be refined by the trial. No matter who trys to cover Jesus and make Him disappear, may Christ continue to shine forth in our lives as we look forward to His appearing!

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