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Daniel tells us of this future event that is to take place. The Jews are ready and our looking for their Messiah. If BiBi is interested in being the one to bring this to the Jews, Obama has the leverage that he needs to confirm this covenant. But know this, the daily sacrifice will be abolished and the nations will tremble at the real Messiah, and it ain’t Obama. Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!


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Just what is needed to knock another person out of the way and raise up who you want, right Mr. President?

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It would seem as if the stage is setting for the Gog and Magog war. Russia’s appetite seems to be getting wet for what they want to attack Israel. What do you come to plunder?


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What a joke! His, I want to be like God complex just keeps on showing in everything he does. Oh how I pray many of us will be blinded and CHANGED by the power of Jesus Christ and not of someone who comes to take His place!

As far as picking the number 72 Mr. President, I have to wonder, is there a hidden message to those who are following you? For you know that 72 is a very important number to you and your people!

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Obama nominee supports Islamic Sharia law in U.S.

Who will Obama’s new nominee be? What influance will they bring? Just keep watching!

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Today in Bible study the Lord reveled some amazing thing to a friend and I as we studied the book of Jude. When we look at the times we are living in and what the Lord wants us as His children to understand, it is important to listen to Him as He speaks to us through His Word!

As we studied the book of Jude today, we were reminded about the apostasy and false teachings that were taking over the Church in Jude’s time and that are so rampent today in our midst. Christ warned us that the times would be like this just before His return. But there are many things we are seeing and will experience in the midst of these days. Jude vs 11 starts off by saying, Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain.   Now many have taught that this scripture deals with tithing. Not so. Some say works vs faith salvation and that is closer to the main point. They would say Cains problem was that he worked for his salvation and brought the fruit of his hands so the Lord was not pleased and that Abel brought his sacrifice by faith.   In fact as you study the scripture as a whole you see exactly what Cain’s problem was, and just where these false teachers are headed.  See, God had already given them the order for what an acceptable sacrifice should be. Just as the Lord has laid out the order of how our lives should be offered up in a pleasing manner of worship and sacrifice for the One who died for us. Abel obeyed out of a heart of love and obedience for what God had commanded. He respected authority.  Abel did things Gods way. Cain just offers what he feels will suffice and what he decides is acceptable instead of obeying God and what He requires.  He worships God on his terms, expecting that God will just be pleased and accept whatever. He rejects authority. This is why in Genesis 4 the Lord would say to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.”     Now, do you think by asking that question to Cain that the Lord is promoting works salvation? No, but He is promoting obedience as proof of salvation, love for God!

So then how are these false teachers in Jude and our day following in the way of Cain? And how will that play into these last days and how they (the Cain’s) will treat their brothers (the Abels)?  You see the Abel’s of today are more interested in doing worship God’s way. They are more interested in enduring sound doctrine and obeying Christ on His terms, according to the Scriptures. The Cain’s, well they don’t mind showing up for worship, but they want to do things their way. They expect that God will accept their worship, but they are not interested in enduring sound doctrine or following rules. Their happy doing Church their own way and don’t want to deal with the Abel’s and their “holier than thou” worship.  The Abel’s literal view of scripture and how to offer worship seems to irritate their brothers, as the Cains seek to silence them or make fun of them.

As a result of this Mark 13 revels a time that is coming where Cain and Abel will be revisitd again.  The last days will be marked by the same betrayal that once plagued the relationship between Cain and Abel. Mark 13:12 says: Now brother will betray brother to death.  The Cain’s will become so offended and irritated by the Able’s of the Church that they will betray them for one final time in history. They will seek to turn them over and even silence them.  Yet once again, the Lord will hear their blood crying out to Him (Rev 6:9) and he will avenge them.  The Cain’s will react out of jealousy, as if the Abel’s think they are better then them. The enemy will clearly use this to create that same feeling of anger that he used on Cain. Yet the Lord still asks the same question. Why are you angry? If you do what is right……..  We must come to Christ on His terms. We must follow Christ according to His way, on that narrow path. If not, I fear we may find ourselves in the Cain catagory. But if we are, then dear Abel’s be advised, in these last days your own brothers (those who call themselves Christians) will betray you to death! Stand firm, for Christ has already overcome.

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Yes,  Mr. Blair, we shall have a clear picture this summer as to where this is all heading with Israel. I am sure it will be like nothing before.  But though you may not have a “clue” yet as to all the details, we do! For the Bible tells us of a man coming to confirm this peace agreement, to divide up the land, to bring a false peace and to allow the Jews to rebuild their temple.  Interesting times indeed and yes, the picture is becoming  just a little bit clearer!

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