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You better believe this was set up for him to do just this!!  To fullfil his role he must….first redistribute the wealth, second provide healthcare for all, third dictate climate (clean energy) and enviromental issues (aka save our planet) and fourth bring peace to the middle east. He is closing out 3 out of 4. That ain’t bad in his book or his followers.



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As the Lord Jesus continues to warn His Saints about the final days that lie ahead and the dark, sinister schemes that are afoot, I am remeinded that we live in evil times indeed. The months and years ahead will not be easy my brothers and sisters, but if we repent of our sins and truly turn from our wicked ways and trust Jesus Christ for our HOPE and SALVATION, then He will see us through.

This week the Lord has continued to unveil the truth to me about who the man of sin is and why this is his appointed time. Listen…..Many are going to be decieved by this man because they did not love the truth. Many are going to take his mark, because they will believe that his new system of change will secure their idols and offer them HOPE and SALVATION for this planet. It is going to be so important in these final years that we stay pressed into Jesus Christ and His promises. Deception will be so great that even the very elect will be deiceived, if that is possible.  The spirit of anti-christ is already at work in this world governmental system, in our media and sadly in our apostate churches today. The new world order that Daniel predicted is rising and it’s leader is taken his place center stage. He goes by many names, but we know him as the anti-christ.

While the judgement on the world is beginning, this is a time of refinement for those who have put their hope and trust in Jesus Christ. There will be no more fence sitting. No more playing Church and prentending to follow Jesus on Sunday, while you live like the pagans Mon-Sat. The Lord will not tolerate our idols any longer. He will not tolerate our hypocritical worship and our treating His House like a den of theives. A real refinement is here and judgement begins at the House of the Lord!!

With that said, Jesus Christ knows those that are His and He will not leave them without a Shephard! He has appointed watchmen and He will send us warning when the theif has arrived. The ONE who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  This week as the Lord began to unveil some more of what is coming and who this theif is, I was taken to some very dark places.  Sometimes the battle is fought on the enemies territory and sometimes a great general finds out his enemies plans and then exposes them so that the enemy is weakened. Isn’t that just like our AMAZING General, Jesus Christ. The things that were revealed to me are to lenghty and to dark to just post here, and sending you to their pages or books would be placing you in Satan’s hands and on his territory. I do not feel led to send you there, nor should you be there without the Lord’s prompting or protection!! If you feel a leading on your heart to discover the truth and you have prayed about it, you are free to message me and we can chat. I will post a link here  though(for however long it stays up) that gives some small glimpse of what the Lord was showing me.  I came across this tonight on June 7th and was in tears, because it was so much of what the Lord has been exposing to me over the last week.  Please note…this is just a small peice of the puzzle and all it offers is the rest of the evidence of the thief that is among us.


Why does it matter? Because the Lord does not want us to be caught of guard, nor does He want us to decieved with where this world is going and what it is going to offer those who will hold on to it. There is a mark coming, there is persecution coming and their is a judgement day!! These will be days like the world has never seen, nor will it ever see again. The only HOPE and PEACE that can be found is in Jesus Christ. (Hear me when I say this, it is not the Jesus you will meet in the Seeker Friendly/ Emerging Churches that are watering down the gospel and transforming Jesus into an image made by man….It is not the Jesus that is portrayed in the Universal/New Age church that tells you He is just one of the ways and that God is in all of us)  We must get back to the true Word of God and ask our Lord Jesus to reveal Himself to us that we make walk humbly before Him. If we love Him, then we will obey Him!!

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All things are setting up in place for the Anti-Christ to take his next seat of power.


I have talked for awhile about this massive embassy in Iraq as the setting stage for the anti-christ to move forward with his massive military campaigns.  Yet he will come to his end and no one will help him (Dan 11:45)

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