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Dreams From My Father!

If people are having mass dreams about Obama then it tells me that the LORD is speaking to His people and is warning this generation of what is coming. Many are having dreams like this for the first time in their lives, myself included.




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Ezekiel 15

I woke up around 3 am this morning and had such a strong prompting in my spirit to open my Bible and read Ezekiel 15, especially verse 8. For a few minutes I just lay there with my eyes wide open, wondering if the LORD really wanted me to get up and read and pray. Of course, I remembered that His sheep know His voice!

I am not sure I have ever really taken the time to read Ezekiel 15, but the title really caught my eye: The Outcast Vine.    After reading this and studying it, it seems as if the LORD is revealing that the time for war with Israel is coming and that the land will become desolate for a time because they have persisited in unfaithfulness. Of course, what will be the outcome for the rest of our nations if God gives up the inhabitants of Israel for a time and sets His face against them? Of course, we know that the reason He will allow the nations to go against Israel is to draw them back to Himself and that we will know that He alone is LORD!


Joel 1: 6-7 even teaches us that:  In the context of describing the coming “day of the LORD” God says that

“a nation (in context locusts are portrayed as a huge swarming army) has invaded my land, mighty and without number; its teeth are the teeth of a lion, and it has the fangs of a lioness. It has made My vine a waste and my fig tree splinters. It has stripped them bare and cast them away; Their branches have become white.”

Whereas Fruitful vines generally represented the blessing of the Lord on the land, the devastation pictured in this section of Joel is that Jehovah has removed His hedge of protection and His hand of blessing from Israel (Precept Austin)

What I do know is that the Day is approaching and we must pray for ourselves and for the peace of Jerusalem. We must be filling our lamps with oil and abiding in Christ. What I found so striking were the similarites between Ezekiel 15 and John 15!  With these tribulations coming up us, we have the answer for peace found in John 15!


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