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While the blind masses continue to follow in line and allow their securities to be ripped from them there are those who continue to move forward with their plan for this final world kingdom that Daniel forwarned about.

With a bill on the table to offer Obama the authority to shut down the internet for up to 4 months for “security” reasons and with much needed control over media and free speech, this would seem the perfect opportunity to create such support for it. Create a “dangerous” situation that “threatens” peoples lives and then tell people in the name of “Peace & Safety” we will set up new laws to control media leaks and speech.  Goodbye control of the internet and media and free speech! It is all about CHANGE!




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Obama The Destroyer


Why would this image of Obama as Shiva be the front page of Newsweek? How does this relate to Obama’s recent India trip, his obsession with the Festival of Lights there and the monkey god he carries in his pocket? Stick around as we pull the pieces together. It’s pretty scarey…. but Jesus Christ is still on the throne and Satan’s kingdom will only last for a short time.

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