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Choir practice

Sing for Change Obama

Dear Lord! What use to be choirs for Jesus Christ have now become choirs for Obama. Will this madness never cease?


* I wonder why this video has been pulled? Could it be the Obama campaign pulled it because it is so CREEPY!  Don’t want anyone catching on to the “aganda”, now do we?


This is a new link. Of course I don’t know how long this will stay up.


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Generally, I like to write my own articles because it allows me to share all that the Lord has been showing me. But sometimes you come across things and you think to yourself, “Why re-invent the wheel”?  This is one of those articles.

As the anti-christ begins to take his place in this world, there must be a credit crisis far beyond what we can imagine. One of global significance.  Without credit, no one can buy or sell.  This market is paving the way for the anti-chirst to make both small and great, rich and poor take a mark. It is with this mark alone that you will be able to buy or sell (use credit).  Before you start to say to yourself, “Wow, Stephanie, you did drink the kool-aid, and lot’s of it”, I ask you to take a look around. The times are evil, we shall reap what we have sown.  Let us cast down our idols and repent. Weep and mourn, howl and wail, for the time is at hand and nothing can stop it. Will you respond to the Lord’s voice today and surrender to Him? That my friends is our only hope!

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I know I may shock many people here. Some will probably say, Stephanie have you gone off the deep end? I can answer with all sincerity, NO. Honestly, when the Lord first started speaking to me and showing me some things I thought I was going crazy. For one, because I had never thought of this and frankly wasn’t really looking. What I do want to say though is that, democracy is how Satan advances his kingdom and it is leading to our New World Order! This is why this economic crisis does not shock me, because I know who is behind it and where it is going.  Please do not respond telling me how crazy I am or how I have bought into some “theory”.  I know all the things the Lord has been showing me in His Word, from Democracy, to the NWO, to the times we are living in. I just wanted to post this article, because it had so much good information of quotes from the many men or are working to establish Satan’s kingdom.

I have so much I would love to write, that the Lord has been teaching me and revealing to me, but I know in His time I will feel prompted to share it all. I just want to leave you with one question. Can anyone find in the Bible where we see Democracy?  When you find the scriptures post them back on my site. Spend some time really praying and seeking the Lord. He has so much to show us!

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Why I Write

     Today I really have no specific devotion to put before you. I thought that this might be a great time to let you know then why I write. I do not write for the sake of just writing. I am not looking to send out devotions with the hopes of just one more thing or one more opinion being presented to your email box. I do not write to take the place of anyone’s time in the Word with the Word! I only write as I feel led by the Spirit and do so trusting the Lord to minister to someone out there for His glory alone. I came across a scripture yesterday that so beautifully captures my heart and why I write to the Bride of Christ. Many of you may not even know me, and even our closest friends may not know our every thought or feelings. But like Paul, this scripture could give the greatest insight into why I obey what the Lord has asked me to do and what is really going on in my heart and head.

2 Cor 2:4  For I wrote to you out of great distress and anguish of heart and with many tears, not to grieve you but to let you know the depth of my love for you.

     It is unfortunate that Paul had to write some very strong words to those he cared so much about. In these last days I find it even more nessecary because, just like in Paul’s day, ours is so filled with false teaching and tolerance of sinful behavior. For my husband and my closest friends, I have no doubt they could attest to the pain and anguish I have gone through as I see many I love heading down the apostate road, away from Jesus Christ. There have been many a time I have called them in tears asking them to pray with me. And just like Paul even though my words may at times seem serious and even urgent, it never takes away from the true love that has so filled my heart with all those Jesus Christ has allowed me the privliage of knowing and calling friend. I am sure that there are even some of you that will read this very journal today, that could recall a time when the Lord laid on my heart something to say to you that you did not want to hear. Maybe it got twisted in your mind or the enemy tried to stop you from getting before the Lord and praying or testing it to His Word. I myself have felt the pain of being rebuked for following something false. If that is the case today then you are one that I want to assure of where my heart is. The Word of the Lord says in Proverbs 27:6 Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.   Do you know why that is dear friend? Because a true friend, one who really loves you beyond what you could ever know, will always tell you the truth. Whether you like it or are even willing to accept it. See, a true friend is one who fullfills the old saying: if you love them let them go and if they return….But one who loves only themselves and sees you as just another “relationship” or person in their lives, will always mutiply those kisses. In other words, they will always tell you what you want to hear. Jesus called Judas “friend” yet he betrayed Jesus with a kiss. The reality of what Judas stood for showed he was never a true friend, no matter what he said. I just want to challange you dear friends, take a deeper look into the Word and examine your lives. See what it is you tolerate, defend and even practice when no human is looking. Examine yourselves and see if you really are in the Word, growing in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior and fully relying on His Spirit to guide us into all truth, or if you are just holding on to what someone else has taught you, without any studying on your own. And if you have a true friend in your life and they come to you with some truthful words or warnings of love, don’t push them away. Though it may sting for a moment, if you will but pray and seek the truth in the Word, I have no doubt you will find it, and you will be spared a thousand heartaches. But even more so, you will find that Jesus himself has provided you with a true friend!


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What If?

It is Sunday night and I am hanging out taking the day to rest. I have really needed this. Just thought I’d share a dream I had 3 nights ago.  A storm brewing in the pacific heading towards AZ. How crazy is that! Anyway, there are so many things I want to write that the Lord has been showing me, yet I can’t even begin to figure where I should start. Part of me wants to continue just posting my women’s devotionals, yet the other part knows I must continue to pray and warn many of the days we are in.

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Just Another Sign

Obama  (stuttering Obama)

Obama are you stuttering? Almost every speech. My goodness, you are sending signals to the ones you want to believe that “the One they are waiting for” is here. Another sign pointing to your hidden agenda.

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Deception Reigns!

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