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Yes, Obama’s god (Islam’s false god) does require that he provide healthcare for all. In earlier posts I have written from their own books why Obama feels his “god” is on his side.


This may be why Obama decided to begin his 10 day “private” vacation on Ramadan. He needed his prayer and fasting time to equip him for what must be done next. These are very perilous times sisters and brothers. How sad that Obama has set himself up against the most High God, the God of Israel!


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Since we know that Anti-Christ is muslim and Islam is his tool he will use to conquer the world, it is only apparent that the false prophet must also be muslim.  I have noticed that even though satan is against Christ, (which of course is what anti-christ will be) that he still tries to set things so similar to how Christ came.  John the Baptist was a great prophet and forerunner to Jesus Christ, the only true Savior! Does Ahmadinedad think that he, with his army is called to “prepare the way” for this false messiah?  Could he be the false prophet? What messiah is he waiting to prepare the way for? He belives he is already here, waiting to reveal himself to the world. Do you wonder why he is so will to meet Obama? Do you know the Islamic prophecy that they will know the Mahadi for ‘he is with us”? Can you say, “he is with us” in Persian? Let’s try it, or look it up. O ba  ma!  Research the Persian alaphabet to learn how to say “he is with us” in Persian. Only time will tell! Tick Tock dear friends.

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And So It Continues


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Oh How We Have Fallen

Muslim Prayer Opens Florida State House Session

How could you bow your head before a god that does not exist? Before a god that sets itself against our Almighty God and our Savior Jesus Christ? Oh, how we have fallen O America, and Satan’s religion is slowly conquering for this short time.

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Mark Of The Beast

Zola Levitt with Walid Sheobat – Mark of the Beast

This is a must watch!! He is right and we need to seek the Lord for wisdom so that we are not decieved now that this is starting

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Just One Step Closer


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