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BiBi must lead this government. Livini is very willing to give up the land, which would make for a much easier transition for Barack.  BiBi is known as a “war hawk”.  I can promise you the road will not be as easy for Obama which means much more negotiating on Obama’s part. So, what do you think will be the tool used to help leverage His presence in the Middle East. What would help him move forward with BiBi?  Could it be a Temple for the Jews?  No way, that could never happen!   Well,  let us continue to watch for the footsteps are even closer!  I can hear the sounds of construction on the horizen.

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Warning about an Obama Presidency and end time prophecy

A must watch video!

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I’ll tell you where it goes. BiBi is the key player in this last days scenerio. It had to be him!  The Lord will frustrate the plans of the nations, and you must have a “hawk” in that leadership postion.  If someone like Livini was in,  there would be no real fight for the land or negotiations.  But with BiBi, well, we know exactly what Obama could offer to help bring in the peace, don’t we now?   Just keep watching, because the stage is set!

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Let The Talks Begin!



No No dear sir, you have not the full meaning of what is about to happen. For see, you are right in saying that this will be like the Romans in the second temple era, but  there is something you have forgotten.  Oh, there is one more Roman man (U.S. is desended from that line) that must appear for a short while and allow you to rebuild yet another temple. So soon this will look like a miracle to you, but I pray you will heed your own words and remember that this will be terrible. You are about to sell your souls to Satan himself. May your eyes and your hearts be turned to Israel’s one true Messiah, Jesus Christ!  For in just a very short while all this will come to pass. Let the talks begin!

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The World Is Preparing!




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