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An Unholy Mixture

As I sit and read the Word, I am often reminded that again there is nothing new under the sun. What an encouragement to see that the Lord has given us His Word to remind us and strengthen us when the enemy comes back to attack again. How often we see and learn that the tactic has not changed, only the package.

The apostate church today stands to learn much from the Words of the Lord in Ezra 4.  They have compromised holiness and purity by allowing a mixture and now have found themselves working, not for God, but for the enemy himself. What has always been a strategy tool for Satan, has now become a tool for today’s church.  Post-modernism/liberalism screams from the outside to be a part. “We worship the same God,” they cry.  The church, using no discernment, (but hungry for numbers) welcomes and tolerates all in. Once in, the leaven begins to ruin the whole lump. Before to long you can hardly recognize truth, and the few who still stand for it are weeded out, and told to catch up with the times and be more loving. In my study time I was amazed to see that this was not the first time this tactic was used by the enemy. I was even more excited to see that during Ezra’s point in history, God’s people did not give in to the attack of the enemy and yoke with those who proclaimed to serve the “same” God. Of course that response was not at all warmly recieved.

Ezra 4-  When the enemies of Judah and Benjamin heard that the exiles were building a temple for the Lord, the God of Israel, they came to Zerubbabel and to the heads of the families and said, “Let us help you build because, like you, we seek your God and have been sacrificing to him since the time of Esarhaddon king of Assyria, who brought us here.”  But Zerubbabel, Jeshua and the rest of the heads of the families of Israel answered, “You have no part with us in building a temple to our God. We alone will build it for the Lord, the God of Israel, as King Cyrus, the king of Persia, commanded us.” Then the peoples around them set out to discourage the people of Judah and make them afraid to go on building. They hired counselors to work against them and frustrate their plans during the entire reign of Cyrus king of Persia and down to the reign of Darius king of Persia.

Even in Ezra’s time there were the many who proclaimed loudly, that they worshipped the same God and deserved to be a part of what God was doing. What a blessing that God’s people knew enough to be exclusive when it came to yoking with just anyone to do God’s work.  Even though in this day we have become the temple for the Living God, we are still commanded to be seperate and use the same discernment and authority that the Jews in that day used, even when our enemies come railing against us. Sadly enough, many of the men in the church today take no stand. Instead they just hold the door open wide and invite all in to join. Don’t get me wrong, we are called to GO OUT and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and there is no exclusivity in that. All are welcome to repent and respond. But to worship and carry on God’s work, well that is exclusive. That is reserved only for those who have truly been changed by the work of the Lord. The fruit of that will be a surrendered life, one who has cast aside self and idols and instead is living a life of obedience to the Lord.  Lest we think that these commands were only for the Old Testament, we need look no further than 2 Corinthians 6:14. The Lord commands us not to be yoked together with unbelievers (that includes those we have discerned to be false teachers or brothers).  As the people of Ezra’s day had learned, an unholy mixture could have dangerous consequenses. Will we learn from Israel’s history, or will we continue on the path of destruction? Our only hope is repentance. Then the Lord will hear and forgive us and welcome us richly into the Kingdom He has prepared for us!

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Miracle (Obama Remix)

So Barack is an icon that will bring us a miracle. He will lead us to walk on water (walk across the ocean). That is a miracle. He is a light, rightousness, rolling like a mighty stream. Really, I thought those things describe Jesus Christ. In these last days, I guess they are one of the many things that describe Obama. Is the King of “Mystery” Babylon rising? Just keep praying and watching. Your lives are about to change!

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Emerging Arguments

The Lord has had me speaking out against the seeker-friendly, emerging movement for a little over 3 years now. Because I have those that are just entering the battlefield for the souls of men to fight these decieving spirits, I thought it best to warn you ahead of time of the arguments you may hear from these “followers”. This is only my personal experience, though others may find they too have heard these arguments. I would have no doubt about that if it were true because the spirit that leads this movement is lead by one spirit. The spirit of anti-christ. So here they are:

1. Stephanie, have you read that book?  ( In other words, we don’t believe the Holy Spirit speaks and warns, we want you to really study and read and then make an intelligent descision.) By the way, I have read several of the books, but only up to point. Kinda like pornography, you only need look at the first page to tell where it is going!

2. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I don’t agree with everything someone else says either. (In other words, I’ll over look all the false stuff and only pay attention to what I think is truth.)

3. Stephanie your just being judgemental, a legalist. ( We hate authority or accountability. You have no right to inspect our fruit or teachings!) Oddly enough many of them will then begin to make fun of me or after the Holy Spirit has spoken to me through the Word and led me to write, they begin to judge those writings and belittle them. Huh?

4. You know, Rob was not denying the virgin birth when he was casting doubt on it. He was simply saying if it wasn’t true that he would still follow. He and his son could keep jumping. (  Sounds like such devotion and love for the Lord in the midst of planting seeds of doubt in the Lord. Sadly Rob, you can keep jumping all you want, and you can even keep following, but it would be pointless. For your faith would be like that of every other false religion out there. Your god would have to be a liar and your following futile. Without the virgin birth there is no salvation for man and Jesus would not be who He said He was. So yes the virgin birth really does matter.

5. Paul became all things to all people for the sake of trying to win some over. ( You can see my devotion on A Visit to Mars Hill for that one)

6. Who am I to say that they won’t go to heaven. Their religion has some truth in it. 

7. What is hell really? I think it could just be the suffering we endure here on earth. ( I wish I even knew how to answer this, but some things are just better off left alone.)

8. Why would I want to point out that sin in their life (fornication, homosexuality, etc.) What is the difference in that sin Stephanie and say…. over-eating?  (In other words, we just want to love them in their sins. Who cares whether they turn from them or not any time soon. I mean, what is sin anyway? There’s just to many of them and who are we to say which one is worse than the other. So, just keep quiet.)

There are many more arguments that I have come up against from way to many of these guys. Amazing thing is that since the Lord has moved us around in 3 different states over the last 3 1/2 years, I have found these guys all have the same arguments. Though they have never met, you can tell the spirit that has gained control over their thoughts. Their arguements are almost carbon copied, or should I say cookie-cut. It is so scary that all around the U.S. they use the exact same attacks against me, from the West Coast to the East Coast. Sometimes it is like a bad dream. Anyway, I share all of this to prepare those of you who the Lord has called into the battle and to encourage those of you already in it. Know that you are not alone in the attacks. Maybe you even have some you can add to my list!

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For all who will hear and pray, I am writing what the Lord has just been speaking to me as I am reading and praying. This morning when I awoke the Holy Spirit began to burden my spirit strongly for our nation and for Israel. He asked me to grab my Bible and Read Isaiah 14. The Lord says to all who will hear that the Day is near. These are the times brothers and sisters. “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth you who once laid low the nations!”  Satan knows his time is short dear friends. How America must pray and all who will repent should seek the Lord’s face and make Him the Lord and Savior of your life. For the days of judgement are here. The famines are just beginning. The storms are just beginning. The attacks are coming. Syria would be wise to turn away from their wicked plans and turn to the Lord the God of Israel. For when they go against the Lord’s land, He will crush them.  A cloud of smoke is coming from the North and who can stop it? Though you oh Palestine will not be able to stand, you oh Israel will. For the Lord will have compassion on Jacob, for once again He has chosen Israel.

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Of course it is of little shock to me that these two are merging. Obama, clearly having a spirit of anti-christ would eventually merge with the apostate “emerging church”. The declaring of their kingdom now and the social gospels of social gospels will pave the way for this last days movement. They will set themselves up against the true Jesus Christ and the persecution of the true remnant will begin soon (5th seal.) Oh how we must pray for the persecution that is about to begin. My dear sisters and brothers it is like nothing you have ever seen. Pray that the Lord will enable you to stand firm and to endure the persecution (even the smallest amount i.e. speaking out against sin.)

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