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There are so many days that I am thankful for the fact that we serve a real and living God. One who speaks and knows all things and is fully in control. I am reminded that if we will be still long enough to listen and to desire to hear His voice and know His truths and obey His ways that He will show us wonderful things that we cannot know or understand on our own and He will not let us be overtaken or deceived.  With that said….sometimes He reveals things to us in pieces and just expects us to listen, wait and then watch what His mighty hand is doing. This is one of those times for me. Back in October of 2014 during my quiet time with the LORD, He impressed upon me to go to Numbers 4 to study and to see what He was allowing to come to pass shortly. I blogged about it here on that day, but really couldn’t write much about it because the only understanding I was given at that point was to wait and watch for what would shortly begin to emerge in the coming year with the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.  So…….I have waited.

Until…….this past week I was awoken to a message from a dear friend of mine sending me that day’s breaking news headlines. As I wiped the sleep from my eyes and began to focus in on the headlines, goosebumps took over me and my eyes could only lift upwards in remembrance of what the LORD had first started showing me last year. Here is the news article~   http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/198621#.VbWCMvlVhBf

To me, it is just another reminder in this noisy, busy world so full of idols and false gods, that we serve a living God who is always moving and speaking if someone will just stop to listen and then wait on Him and then watch as He works!


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