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The Little Horn

I am reminded of my dream back in early 2008 and the reality today of what the LORD was showing me. I remember I was standing in a field somewhere and I knew the LORD was in our midst. I then remember as I was staring ahead that I heard the LORD call for Jacobs sons to come forth and I vaguely could see a row of around 12 men in robes standing in a line. Next I heard the LORD say the time of your trouble is at hand and this is the man who shall bring it upon you. I turned to my side to see who He was speaking of and staring me right in the face was Barack Obama. Such evil surrounded his presence and I immediately awoke from my dream. I had no doubt that this man was the little horn who would begin the time of Jacobs trouble and become Satans tool for these last days. Today I am reminded as I look around and see Obama with his sinester schemes for a 3rd term and even more still leading the New World Order that he is that little horn turning the world against Israel and Christians and he will not relent until all that has been prophesied is accomplished!


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God, the Covenant keeping One, is always at work in our midst. I have learned though my years of being  discipled by Him, that nothing He does is pointless. It is so full of rich meaning and wisdom and truly reveals who He is. I can’t think of a better image that He uses throughout the Bible than His ark.

The ark has always been a beautiful picture of His covenant (promises). We first see this in His plan for Noah to build an ark in the midst of a wicked, sin filled world that was about to come under Gods divine judgement.  God designs the plans for this righteous family to find shelter and protection from His judgement. An even more beautiful picture is Gods design in the plan of the ark to include only 1 door. This covenant God was making with Noah and His family still only gave them one door they could enter through to find Gods protection and mercy.

Next time an ark shows up in history is with another chosen group called the Israelites. God calls for the exact design of the ark of the covenant which will in turn house 3 important pieces that represent His presence. The manna, Aaron’s staff and the tablets. Each one of these items represent such a beautiful picture of the living God and who He is. The manna which represents His provision, the very bread of life we need. Aaron’s staff that had budded, showing that God chooses the head of His people, our leadership and finally the tablets which reflect Gods Word, His perfect law.

It would be centuries later before another ark came onto the scene, but in the most unexpected place. The ark of the covenant that has disappeared from the scene so long ago was now going to be found in none other than a tomb. The day that the disciples came to the tomb they didn’t find it empty. While they may have not found Jesus there they certainly did find something far more revealing. As they looked in what they saw were two angels. One seated at each end of the “mercy seat” where Jesus’ body would have been laid. For the first time they were getting a glimpse inside the ark of the covenant. There had laid the manna, the very bread of life and our perfect provision. There had laid Aaron’s budded staff, Gods chosen leader and the head of His chosen people. And there laid the tablets, the Word made flesh, the very fulfillment of the law. You see Gods ark was always meant to conquer our greatest enemy, death, Hell and the grave.

It,s no wonder why by the time we get to Revelation, after we see Gods judgement starting on the earth, that John looks up and behold he sees the ark of the covenant in heaven.

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