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Obama Claims He’s Visited 57 States

No Snopes! I know you are a liberal run site that seeks to squelch any truth that does come out and call it FALSE. I have know doubt that Pres. Obama can use your site to try to make those of us speaking out, look crazy.  But the hidden message, that Pres. Obama sent forth that day remains the same….I am conquering the world for the 57 Islamic states and I have 1 more to go. No doubt he accomplished that on Nov 4th.   This anti-christ is not stupid, as many portray him to be. He knows exactly what he’s doing and saying.  That is why the MDA logo finalizes the very first promise he made to the 57 Islamic states, I have 1 more to go.  And so he continues to go forth conquering!


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For a week now, the Lord had been bringing to my mind this new Missle Defense Logo.  I wanted to write more of an article on this, but today, lo and behold, an article was placed right before me.  It puts into words everything I wanted to say and more!!  Please do not leave this page without reading this article and then praying to our Lord Jesus Christ for wisdom. Dark days are ahead dear saints!  But our Redeemer still lives and He will be our victory. Please note that after much time with the Lord and pressing in, I am no longer pre-trib, so I do believe that we will be here to experince the wrath of the anti-christ, just not the wrath of God.  With that said, I pray you will begin to press in to the Lord, so that you are not decieved by the things that are happening and so that you will lift up your heads and rejoice….Your redemption is drawing nigh!!


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