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Obama To Cease Control



I was going to post this video and do a write up on what is going on here, but this blog “Fighten Words” had already done such a great job and said the majority of what I wanted to say, that I won’t waste my time. I will just recommend you reading their write up. 

Sail on, Word of God.

May it ever continue to be fullfilled!


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Why Swine Flu Now?


Why Swine flu now?  How the rise and spread of it so quickly on this planet?  Why the  media coverage and the fear that seems to go with it?  Because remember that Satan has to create things to follow along with his false religion, and by using people to create this virus and spread it, along with panic, it helps to fullfil the prophecy that those who are decieved are looking for.  Just another sign to usher in Obama!






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Now how interesting that someone would suggest a more “worldwide” democratic approach to vote in the leader for the EU!  Blair will face more and more trouble with rising to this position, for he is not the man of the hour. But who better to be placed as the spokesman and leader of this world than Mr. Noble Peace Prize himself. He has his eyes set on the prize and it will only be a matter of time before he is awarded far more than a worthless Peace Prize. The Day is drawing near dear saints, and the stage is being set!

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On His Way……


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Of course Obama is hiring Muslims to lead and work in his administration that support sharia law! Wake up America, you have been asleep for way to long. Stand firm Christians, for the Day is drawing near!!!

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Charles Rangel Rallies for Obama

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