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Deception Reigns



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History Repeats Itself


As I awoke yesterday morning Dec 26th, I was spending some time with the Lord and the Holy Spirit prompted me to turn to Numbers 14.  As I turned there, eager to see what Numbers 14 was all about, I found that I was reading about Israel and Moses and them not trusting God to bring them peace and deliver them, but they wanted to return to Egypt, thinking Egypt would bring them peace and security.  I know that the Lord is slowing pointing to things for 2010 and beyond, but will continue to pray as we watch the Lord’s mighty hand at work this coming  year.  It would seem this is a cruical year for Isreal and that we will see the Jews repeat the same mistake their ancestors did in the time of Moses.  Instead of first trusting in the God of Abraham, Issaic and Jacob and His Son Jesus Christ, it seems they will cry out to Egypt and compromise (maybe even over their own land) in order to make “peace”!   Interesting to see how Obama works his way into these peace talks this year.

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For sometime now I have taken a break from warning about the emerging church heretics and the apostasy that is upon us. Sometimes you just wary of the battle and the arguments from those decieved  within the Church.  After listening to Rob Bell’s Co-Pastor at Mars Hill Church I just could not hardly refrain myself from  posting this.  I wonder American Church, when will you wake up? When will you open you open your heart truly to Jesus Christ and hear what the Spirit is saying? How long will it be before you repent and stop following after these wolves who only tickle your ears and decieve you?

Let us repent and cry out to Jesus Christ, who is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE!

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Just A Waiting Game


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