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Reading and Understanding for today


1 Kings 5


This is where the LORD has had me recently. At first I could not understand, but more and more He is revealing to me what is about to take place…


This “peace process” that is coming is the false peace that was spoke of in Daniel.  The Leader who confirms this peace agreement believes that he is the final Solomon.  He will decive many by allowing them to rebuild the final Temple and then will stand in that temple and declare himself to be god! ( 2 Thess. 2:3-4)

Please continue to press into the LORD….Watch and pray!!

There are many other notes I hope to record here soon.


Interesting side bar:  Since the LORD has been teaching me and opening my eyes this last week to this, I cannot escape this revelation.  It comes up around me everywhere.   Just today I was watching a youtube video on something and this came up in the sidebar.  I decided to click it and watch it…and there it was! This radom topic about Solomon and the coming peace.  This is well worth the watch


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