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Paving The Path For Him



Wow, only 1 week in and nations are laying down their weapons for the man. Does not take long for the path to be paved for him. Great things must be done if the world is going to follow after “the one” they have been waiting for.

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Perfect timing President Obama. Of all the people you need to start with for a peace agreement it would be Abdullah. For he controls the “Holy” places that you are most interested in. We are waiting for you to confirm that peace agreement so that the world will hail you as it’s savior. 

We are just one step closer

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This is what we have today dear Laodocia. What you defend and continue to lead astray. Comforting people and entertaining them so they continue in their decieved state. I don’t know whether to be rightously angry or just mourn, so I think I will do both.

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Change is coming



Of course we knew this was coming. Wondered what triggered this CHANGE?

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