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More than ever the one world Babylon system is advancing and this election is just another step in that direction. Seemingly many wonder how the Republican party ended up with Trump as its nominee, when of course there were several other candidates  (who were not politicians) who would have made far better nominees. Well, it’s all part of this godless plan to led the sheep right into this temporary godless kingdom. Trump having been raised up as the candidate is the only one who will give Hillary a fighting chance and make her the nominee for the Democratic side. Secondly, tensions will increase once it becomes just Hillary and Trump acting out this script together. In the process the work by Satan’s elite to catipolte  Hillary to the President position assures Obama of his 3rd term so that he can continue to rule and advance the Caliphate.  Hillary will have no choice but to do all that is required of her because she knows that prison is her only other option. Until this election we can be assured that it will be a time full of unrest, uncertainty and racial division and gun control advancement and breaking down anything to do with the law. How else do you create a society of lawlessness? With all that said, as believers this should remind us to continue to look up, for as the workings of Satan intensify, so our redemption draws closer.

As a side note, we have no way of knowing whether Donald Trump is knowingly following this script and agenda or if these powers that be are using him as part of the script knowing his personality and his ego. They could only plan if Trump is somehow catapulted to the position, he having no political experience would play in their favor and be unaware of what is coming. We can only pray we would be used to protect the Jews during their time of tribulation.



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