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Back To Babylon

Oh America and those who profess to know the Lord here. You are becoming as stiff-necked as Israel was in her days of being called by God. How long will you stay this way? Have you forgotten what the LORD allowed to happen to Judah because of their hypocrisy and their desire to only follow after the dictates of their own hearts? Those who declared God’s name, yet followed after other gods and served idols and the work of their own hands. Those who followed after the ways of other nations and who followed the traditions of men rather that the commands of God (Romans 11:21). Because of these very things the LORD is allowing us to be taken captive, back into the bondage of the King of¬†Babylon. Isaiah 14 tells us that this “King of Babylon will rise up among the many to rule the entire world (Global Government). He will strike us in his anger and place a yoke and burden back upon us, and he will rule the nations in anger. We know that he will gain control and rule with what he considers an “all seeing eye”. Satan is not omniscient and can’t be everywhere at once, so he needs all of his minions and children to help him in his control and taking everything captive. The enemy will create situations that rob us of our peace and joy until he sets up his “eyes” (universal cameras) to see everything that happens. Then the Holy Spirit led me to Jeremiah 20. The LORD will surely give us into the hands of our enemies just as He did to Judah and into the King of Babylon and the King will carry¬†us captive into Babylon and slay them. This is why the LORD has given us a warning in Rev 13:10. Moreover, the LORD will deliver the wealth of our nation, all its produce and all its precious things, all the treasures into the hand of our enemies. They will seize us and carry us back to Babylon (the place of bondage). Babylon lead to: Confusion (about Godliness and morality); A false system of religion based on deeds. (Nimrod built a city and established a common religion.); Slavery consisting of harder work for the system and less pay.

For those that stand like Daniel, Jeremiah and others who loved the LORD, even this captivity and judgement will be for our good. Christ will bear the heavy yoke for us and will provide for HIs own. He will be our strength and hope! There is nothing man can do to us and we know that Babylon soon gives way to the New Jerusalem!


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Such a sad tragedy today in Boston. No doubt Satan will use his children to accomplish his plans here on earth. Wickedness abounds and the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy will stop at nothing to accomplish his plan. In the process, his goal is to instill fear and steal peace, to instill bondage and steal freedom. Don’t allow the enemy to have that victory in your life and in this country that has been blessed by the LORD before. Return to the LORD and His ways and allow Him the victory over the enemies plans to take us captive to fear and bondage again, otherwise the enemy wins and we travel further down this road to destruction!

I just wonder if the NWO crew, led by Satan himself will use this to unveil a terriost attack which will lead to their universial ID card. Will this lead to worldwide camera monitering, as Satan tries to establish his “all seeing eye”? This sounds harmless at first, all under the guise of peace and safety, but we know exactly where it is leading. Oh Christian, just keep watching and praying!

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